What is a Landing page and how to use it for Search Optimization

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web site that appears once a surfer clicks on a Pay-per Click ad or a search engine has paid link. The landing page of an internet siteis not the sole landing page; each page in an exceedingly website encompasses a purpose and may be a potential computer program landing page. A landing page ought to contain content that relates to the keyword search phrase.

What is the objective of a web site landing page?

Web site landing pages are for one or two completely different functions, SEO, PPC and SEM.

Using landing pages for PPC and promoting campaigns will facilitate confirm a campaign's effectiveness. For promoting functions you'll be able to append a universal resource locator, URL (http://www.helponlinejobs.com/ppc) creating it easier to seem at your website analytics and see however well your page is doing. If you are advertising in materials on the web by appending a universal resource locator, URL, you are guiding users to a page that created specifically for that advertizing which may enable you toleave its effectiveness.

 Landing Page

Search engine boosted websites usually contain numerous landing pages. The additional content an internet site has the upper its chances are high that to point out up within the search engines. Additional destination pages conjointly suggest that additional keyword phrase avenues an internet site may find. The landing page is a good thanks to increase the amount of website guests and your computer program ranking.

Why landing pages are crucial?

Too several firms send their SEO, SEM, SMM or SMOstream of traffic to their home page. This is often a large lost chance. Once you grasp a stream of targeted traffic are going to be coming back to your web site, you'll be able to increase the chance of changing that traffic into leads by employing a targeted landing page.

For instance, imagine you have a Google AdWords pay-per-click, PPC ad running for one amongst your best keywords. Though you advertise however nice your company is, and somebody clicks through there onthe PPC advertisement, creates one desire to direct them to your web site. Once they land on your homepage, what area unit they alleged to do. What does one wish them to try to do? Once you work out what you wish the visitant to do, create it easier for them to try and do simply that. Send them to a landing page that prompts them to complete that action. You will see the effectiveness of your on-line promoting improved dramatically.

Types of Landing Page

There is a pair of basic forms of landing page:

         i.            Click Through

       ii.            Lead information pages


Click through Landing Pages

Click through landing pages have the goal of persuading the visitor to click through to a different page. Usuallyworking in E-commerce funnels, they will want to describe a product or provide in decent detail this on “to excite” a visitorfor the purpose wherever they are nearer to creating a buying call.

All stereotypical, arriving advertising traffic is directed to the create-a-account pages or home page. This ends in weak flow because the ad does not offer decent data for somebody to form associate degree educated call.

This is wherever the press through destination page derivesin. End result, the landing page from a click through page is often the welcome or registration page currently with a way higher probability of conversion having older the main points of the landing page.

Lead Information Pages

Lead information pages want to capture user information, like an Email address. Theactualdrive of the page is to gather data that may enable you to promote and connect with the outlook at anearly time. As such, a lead capture page can contain a kind beside an outline of what you’ll get reciprocally for submitting your personal information.

There are several uses for lead information landing pages, some example uses and therefore the things given to the user area unit listed below:

    • Welcome free user trial
    • Galaaccess
    • E-book or newsletter
    • Expert Advice
    • Discount voucher/coupon
    • Notification of product up-dates/launch
    • Giveaways

The length of your kind and therefore the level of non-public information requested will have an immediate impact on traffic conversion. Try to attract completely the least quantity of info that may adjust you to promote your visionsefficiently. Forexample, do notask for a phone call or a fax and simply contact them via email.

Building a Landing Page

All of your content on the landing page ought to be contained higher than the fold. This suggests that the visitorsshould not be to scroll right down to see any of the page content. Effective landing pages also will contain a picture that's relevant to the call-to-action button that drove the visitant to the landing page. The text ought to be terribly direct and straightforward to browse.

How to Custom Landing Pages

The design of your landing page is extraordinarily vital and affects the conversion rate of your forms.  The appearance, title, and text must all be appropriate to the CTA to get a high conversion rate. Style does matter, but that does not mean you would like a visual designer.

Typically, we have a tendency to see the fundamentalwickedness of sponsored ad; web ownerslink, theirad campaigns to the home pageof their web site instead of a landing page. Another benefit of customization lading pages, other than apprehending the info, is that practically all landing pages must capture visitorstatistics and subdivide it for you, thus you recognize the precise supply of your viewers and new traffic load. If you are powerless to trace these statistics, you may never be practiced victorious your SEOcampaign.

Five guiding points on Landing Page conversion:

  • Use a convincing heading that is pertinent to your Call-To-Action, CTA.
  • Put entire of your content upper than the fold.
  •  Maintain break and closing articles to 2-4 sentences.
  • Use bullets to clear indication of your worthy proposals.
  • Add a fascinating visual graphic/image that is obviously appropriate to your offer.




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